Jazz Matters Podcast

22nd March 2021

I’m not often lost for words, but this AMAZING podcast by Darren Harper of Jazz Matters really left me speechless. It has been put together so brilliantly and it’s been emotional to hear such a wonderful summary of my life and musical career. I really hope you’ll take a listen. It covers…


How it all started with a ‘sack of potatoes’ / Clarinet playing in the churchyard / My ‘previous’ life / BIG decisions / Getting FUNKY! / Following dreams / How meeting a special lady inspired my music / Incredible musicians featured in my music / My appreciation to all who support me and my music / The sadness of covid and turning it around / The wonderful lockdown ‘Live Coffee & Chat’ community / Crazy Times / Other projects including JazzBites Radio and Women in Jazz Media / Looking ahead to getting back out there / Plus, some of my music!
Listen to #40 Podcast here: