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About the Single

Part of ‘Brighter Tomorrow’ Project – A Tribute to The Arts


New original music born out of lockdown including a video performance with one of the UK’s greatest jazz performers Liane Carroll at London’s 606 Club *COMING SOON!

Project Launch at Zédel’s London

PLUS a wonderful portfolio of photography by Ron Milsom and Tatiana Gorilovsky

In celebration of ALL the amazing, creative people who work in The Arts as we finally head towards a BRIGHTER TOMORROW

This Grover Washington Jnr inspired track has a smooth jazz vibe where the tenor sax takes the lead, often playing in unison with the simple vocal line. The lyrics and melody line came first with this composition, expressing my need for reassurance at the start of lockdown and allowing me to share positivity to others that everything is GONNA BE ALRIGHT, GONNA BE OK

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Just the word ‘lockdown’ sends shivers down my spine. It goes against every single element of a happy and fulfilled life. How can we be deprived of life’s necessities and survive unscathed?The first emotion I felt was absolute HEARTBREAK. I will never forget the feeling of absolute LOSS as one by one, every single ‘live’ performance date that we had built up over several years, dropped off our gig calendar with the dreaded word CANCELLED! How could this be happening?

Then SHOCK kicked in. Over-night myself and my drummer husband had not only lost our livelihood, but we had lost our identity and our purpose in life…unable to do what we do. We literally felt ‘lost’.

Then DETERMINATION and CREATIVITY kicked in. Like so many creatives working in The Arts, we started to find new ways to keep our music playing and we made it our purpose to keep people connected, share good times and continue our work as musicians.

We put on our ‘performance’ faces and we got on with our job. But the emotions we were feeling were all-encompassing. They overwhelmed our everyday life. So, I needed an outlet to channel my emotions and, as always, this came in the form of creating music.

I found myself engulfed in a composing frenzy. I had music and lyrics flying around in my head 24 hours a day. This is one of the challenges being creative. You can never switch the creativity off. It is a positive thing though and I feel a duty to capture the creativity and to allow an outlet for it. So, I got to work writing music and a small selection of this work is featured in this project. I really hope you enjoy the tracks and relate to the emotions and meaning behind each track. They are written with love and passion for what I do, starting with my need for reassurance and leading to my hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Please now check out ‘Tomorrow’s Song’ – also part of this project.


Gonna be alright, gonna be OK
We’re gonna get through this
We’re gonna make it to another day
And don’t you worry
Cuz everything is gonna be alright
And don’t you worry
Cuz everything is gonna be alright



released July 7, 2022
Band Personnel
Kim Cypher – Tenor Saxophone & Vocals
Anders Olinder – Keyboards
Raph Mizraki – Electric Bass
Mike Cypher – DrumsSound Recording & Engineering
Juanjo Lopez VidalTrack Cover Photo
Ron Milsom

Track Cover Photo at The Everyman Theatre Cheltenham