4 **** ‘Live’ Review – The Jazz Mann

18th October 2020

“Even in an empty theatre this was an exciting, entertaining and totally professional performance from Kim Cypher and her highly talented quintet. A varied programme put a jazz slant on a variety of musical genres and maintained my attention throughout. The standard of the playing was consistently excellent. Kim has been playing the sax since the age of nine and I was impressed by her ability on the three versions of the instrument that she featured today. She’s also a highly accomplished vocalist and it’s this, combined with her vivacious personality that has helped to make her something of a rising star on the UK jazz circuit. I suspect that this will prove to be one of the most popular items in this ‘Virtual Festival’.”

“Their performances, even ‘virtual’ ones, are full of good humour, energy, enthusiasm and some genuinely excellent singing and playing.”

Ian Mann – The Jazz Mann – 17th October – Review of Wall2Wall virtual festival performance

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