WOW – A Personal Letter From Herbie Hancock!

24th December 2020

WOW, a personal letter of thanks from Herbie Hancock…his will be framed!

Life is so full of ups and downs, but it really makes you cherish the good times. This personal letter from such an amazing and inspiring jazz legend, for us, means the absolute world and is a definite highlight in our musical life. At a time when we were all in lockdown, the incredible jazz community kicked into action with sheer determination. As the letter states:
“It is encouraging that so many of you around the world found creative and innovative ways to show your love for jazz and it’s positive message”…”we showed that jazz is truly a unifying and healing force, regardless of where you come from or what language you speak”.
So, our little contribution to International Jazz Day was to host a special show from our kitchen including some live music and special guests from the world of jazz. We were joined (virtually) by Music Bookings Coordinator for Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club – Paul Pace, incredible trombonist Ian Bateman and all the action was captured on canvas by amazing jazz artist Gina Southgate. It seemed like such a small contribution, but it was our way of contributing and to keeping the music alive. It is truly amazing that our small part has been acknowledged and appreciated in this way. It means so much to us and we are incredibly grateful to all those who were part of it and who supported the show – thank you!
Here’s to being part of International Jazz Day next year and hopefully we can perform in a live venue rather than in our kitchen!