Top Fundraiser!

5th April 2020

WOW, I am so thrilled to find out that, out of 58,306 JustGiving fundraisers, we were one of the most successful, being in the top 1% for the month of March.

What can I say…a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has supported my ‘For Mum’ project so far including:

All who supported my ‘For Mum’ gig in London on 2nd March

All who donated after viewing my ‘All For You’ video (if you haven’t seen it yet please check it out at the link):

All who have made online donations or who popped some cash in the collecting buckets in London.

There’s still time to help me raise even more money for The Brain Tumour Charity if you can (although I totally understand it is not the best of times for many of us financially right now so please feel under no obligation whatsoever). Here’s the JustGiving link just in case:

Thanks again everyone. You guys are just THE best! xxx