‘Love Kim x’ Album Reviews

12th July 2019

‘Love Kim x’ listed as Top 10 UK Jazz Album by Lance Liddle – Bebop Spoken Here


“This is more than a jazz album…It’s a Kim Cypher album.”

Mark McKergow – London Jazz News


“Saxophonist and singer Kim Cypher’s second album builds her reputation for sparkling jazz with classic style and attitude. What makes Kim Cypher stand out is her ability both as a sax player and instrumental soloist as well as a stand-out singer and songwriter. Either of these would be notable – together they make for an exceptional and winning performer.”

London Jazz News


“Firmly cementing her credentials as a first-rate jazz artist, ‘Love Kim x’ is a breath of fresh air, an album that doesn’t just put a smile on the face but guarantees it stays there, exuding a feel-good factor along with some seriously committed playing from all.”

Nick Lea – Jazz Views


“A variety of original compositions and innovative covers displaying a vast range of styles. One thing to mention about this album is that you are constantly welcomed with surprises. This collection of songs seems to capture almost every sub-genre of jazz over the past eighty years. An album that caters for all listeners, ‘Love Kim x’ is surely a must for all popular jazz devotees. I admire the arrangements and how Cypher has decided to include pieces based on her musicians, this was something special. The musicianship within the band is clear and should be praised, it was a delight to hear such talented performers. I look forward to Cypher’s next project.”

Thomas Fletcher – Jazz In Europe


“A funky style album…very sophisticated…great arrangements.”

Nigel J. – Editor In Chief Jazz In Europe


“It’s good music. Plain and simple.”

Fernando Rose – Kind Of Jazz


“It is wonderful to see the delivery and confidence of this well-honed and stylish musician gaining increased recognition.”

Sammy Stein – Something Else! Reviews


“Kim Cypher’s second album builds upon her reputation as a bright performing light on the UK Jazz scene. Her positive attitude, stylish looks, consummate sax and solo playing styles complimented with a great singing voice is always well presented in her performances. Playing an enjoyable mix of jazz, from classics through to real funky interpretations of modern mainstream music.”

Editor – Jazz In Europe


“Yet another absolutely wonderful vocalist, the lyrics delivered as emotionally as they have been delivered by any contemporary singer. The game is afoot!”

Lance Liddle – Bebop Spoken Here


“Kim Cypher is one of a growing breed of lady sax players, but the talented Ms C doesn’t just play horn; she’s a dab hand at jazz vocals too.”

Soul and Jazz and Funk


“The British saxophonist Kim Cypher developed her own style of funky sax. Different moods on this lovely album, on which Kim proves she’s got a lot going for her!”

Patrick Van De Wiele – Keys And Chords


“British female saxophone player and vocalist’s new album recorded with all her heart”…

Masayuki Koito (Publisher & Editor) – The Walker’s Vol. 58