Kim Cypher’s ‘BRIGHTER TOMORROW’ – A Tribute to The Arts

1st November 2022

It fills me with SO much joy and relief to finally present to you my ‘Brighter Tomorrow’ project – A Tribute to The Arts:


‘Brighter Tomorrow’ – A Tribute to The Arts (


Never has a project been such a labour of love for me. But, after the hard time everyone working in The Arts has had recently, I was driven by sheer determination to create a collaborative celebration of amazing creative people who demonstrate incredible PASSION, DRIVE, RESILIENCE and DEDICATION to their Art and they deserve to be celebrated. The result is a 284-page magazine full of vibrant, positive energy and absolute pride. I was beginning to think I would never get to this point as every spare minute over the past few months has been devoted to this project so, after months and months of hard work, I really hope you will take a look. It is a long magazine but it’s not all text to read. There’s LOTS of stunning photographs, music to listen to, videos to watch and a huge amount of incredible creative stuff going on! You can dip in and out at your leisure or you can treat yourselves to a nice long read when you have some spare time.
Survival and success in The Arts relies upon support from others and so I will be very grateful for your support in sharing this project as widely as you can please. Let’s spread the word and celebrate The Arts – remember to use the hashtag #brightertomorrowforthearts
Huge thanks to Fiona Ross for allowing me the platform of Women in Jazz Media to publish the magazine and to Jazz in Europe for also sharing the project.
My absolute heartfelt thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share their work for the project. I am so proud to be part of this amazing community of like-minded creatives. You are all AMAZING! Keep sharing all the wonderful things you’re doing for our brighter tomorrow for The Arts and here’s to each and every one of you for the wonderful work you do!
Happy reading / perusing