“Kim Cypher brings us sparkle, joy & love, the perfect medicine. Raising money for the Brain Tumour Charity & to celebrate loved ones… Sold out event!”

10th March 2020

What a truly wonderful review of my ‘For Mum’ Charity Concert last Monday. With thanks to Fiona Ross and Jazz In Europe.

“Kim brings so many elements to her performance that few achieve. She is genuine and truly cares about her audience and wants them to be part of what she is feeling – and we do. Her artistry is infectious, and it is abundantly clear why she has been kicking up the best type of storm across the UK.”

“At a time when the world seems more than a little confusing and dark and where every day the news brings us something else to contemplate and worry about, Kim Cypher brings us the sparkle, joy and love we all need. She is the perfect medicine.”

“Although I am very familiar with Kim’s work, this was my first time seeing her live. I had high expectations, to be honest, and they were not only met but exceeded.”

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