Incredible Support for ‘Crazy Times’

26th November 2020
Today I am just taking a moment to reflect. The world is by no means getting back to normal yet, but I do feel there is some light at the end of the tunnel and i’m hopeful that next year will bring brighter times.
Throughout these times it has been difficult for everyone, but I am only able to reflect on my own feelings, experience etc. As professional musicians full of creative energy and used to the whole musician way of life, it has been tough for both myself and husband Mike. However, we never lost sight of the power and importance of music to provide positivity.
The response to our ‘Crazy Times’ project has been totally OVERWHELMING. I don’t really know where to start, but there has been so much love, positivity and support from so many. The video has over 15k views, the track is receiving incredible support from radio stations, the project and video featured in press/articles/interviews in the UK, US and Europe. Every day I am receiving messages and interest in the project. Yesteday I received a lovely message:
“Kim, I can’t believe how much your new music ‘Crazy Times’ is making people feel so good here in the USA, just this moment. Cheers!”
If our music can bring some sunshine and joy to people during these crazy times then our work is done 🙂
Today’s reflection over. Love to all x