Everything Saxophone US Podcast

13th August 2020

I recently chatted with fabulous fellow saxophonist Donna Schwartz of ‘Everything Saxophone’ in Los Angeles. I’d love you to check out the podcast below and drop a comment on YouTube and give a little thumbs up if you enjoy it.

We covered a LOT of ground including sax tips / music talk as listed below. Plus, we chatted about my AMAZING loyal supporters, my new forthcoming track inspired by lockdown plus some shout-outs to many of my favourite fabulous people! I hope you enjoy:

Sax tips / Music talk included:

Major meltdowns over sax reeds!

Tried and tested gig gear including the sax mouthpieces that changed my life

Giving a good home to Courtney Pine’s old tenor sax

My much loved Andy Sheppard AS tenor sax

Following musical dreams

My musical ‘lightbulb’ moment

The process of recording an album

Writing ‘inspired’ original music

Keeping the music playing during lockdown

Giving up a full-time career to become a full-time musician

Getting out there and doing my thing

Plus saxophone exercises, the importance of LISTENING and lots more…

The podcast plus more info is also available on the ‘Everything Saxophone Podcast’ website at: