Crazy Times! – Part 3

3rd August 2020

‘A Creative Dream Team’

I have to say that my new track ‘Crazy Times’ couldn’t be any more appropriate right now if it tried! Things just keep getting crazier and crazier. So, it feels amazing to have all this craziness and our ever-changing emotions captured in a unique music track. The audio is now recorded, yay! Just a few tweaks here and there and we’re good to go.

Next step is the crazy video to go with it. Plans for this are all coming together for later this month.

So, let me just take a moment to express how grateful and excited I am to be working on this project together with the most incredible creative ‘Dream Team’. Projects like this don’t just happen. They rely on the right people understanding your vision and bringing your vision to life. The right people are not always easy to find. Thankfully, I have found them and I couldn’t be happier with my team. We are in for a very exciting, crazy time!

The sound recording is in the very capable hands of Juanjo Lopez Vidal. What Juanjo doesn’t know about sound engineering and audio production isn’t worth knowing. He is so experienced and has an incredible ear for things. This is most likely because he is also a highly talented musician. Juanjo has recorded many tracks for me including my ‘Love Kim x’ album, ‘All For You’ and my most recent release ‘Water From An Ancient Well’. As always, Juanjo is doing an amazing job on this project.

The video filming will be in the very capable hands of Leigh Tarrant of Skooch Media. Leigh is a highly experienced videographer having worked on TV, film and music projects for clients including Rick Wakeman, Leo Sayer, Adam Ant, Mari Wilson plus many of my previous ‘live’ tour videos and my official music video ‘Rising From The Dust’. I am thrilled to have Leigh onboard for this project.

The video will feature the creation of some graffiti art by amazing young local graphic designer and all-round creative person Jussara Nazaré. I am incredibly excited about this new collaboration as I just love working with fellow creatives to see what we can create together. We are currently working on the art design and all will be revealed in the video! Check out some of her previous creative projects in the title photo collage.

The video will also feature some dancing by Paul Healey’s Salsa Squad. This is just too exciting and I cannot wait to see people dancing to my track. There may also be some other special guest appearances!

Finally, last but by no means least, the finishing touch to my creative dream team, the icing on the cake…the little magic sparkle which is hugely talented photographer Ron Milsom. Ron has been by my side for so many of my projects and tour dates. He has captured all the memories, for which I am eternally grateful. So, Ron will be snapping away to catch all the crazy antics as they unfold.

Crazy Times indeed folks, but hey i’m excited about all this craziness!