Crazy Times! – Part 2

20th July 2020

Following on from the first instalment of my new crazy project, I am very excited to say that i’m booked into the recording studio later this month to record my new original track ‘Crazy Times’, with the video to follow in August. In the meantime, here’s the 2nd instalment of ‘Crazy Times’.

‘What goes around, comes around’

We are all familiar with this saying, and i’m sure we can all relate it to a time or a situation when we believed a person’s actions would have consequences. Generally, this is associated with negative behaviour. BUT, i’d like to relate this saying to something incredibly positive as this is how I have recently experienced it.

At the start of lockdown myself and my husband Mike found ourselves a bit ‘lost’. Overnight our whole sense of being was put into question…our busy gig schedule literally ground to a halt and our forthcoming bookings were wiped out. All of a sudden we lost identity and purpose. But, we are musicians, we need to perform and we have a responsibility to keep the music playing. Music brings people together, raises spirits and is a vital part of wellbeing. So, we decided to set up a daily ‘live’ show on Facebook to keep our music playing and also to provide some lighthearted fun and laughter for anyone who cared to join us. We were overwhelmed by the support for this and we soon established a wonderful, friendly community.

Our daily show ran for 11 weeks and we all looked forward to getting together each day for a catch up. As life started to slowly return to some normality we decided to conclude our show, but we all agreed to have an occasional reunion. We missed the daily connection but we used the time to focus on other musical projects.

But, what goes around comes around, as I said earlier. And, one morning as Mike and I sat chatting about our plans for the day, the postman delivered a rather intriguing parcel. Excitedly we opened it and, upon realising what it was, we both became speechless and very emotional. The amazing card we were presented with, full of glittery stars and with such a heartfelt message was truly overwhelming. Our daily shows had been so greatly appreciated that some of our group members wanted to repay our kindness (we hadn’t even thought of it as kindness) and a financial gift had been arranged for us. THIS was truly kindness, a moment in our lives we will never forget. This generous act of kindness deserved to be put to good use and so we decided to put it back into our music for all to enjoy.

So now, together we are part of this ‘Crazy Times’ music project and we cannot wait! I’ll keep you all posted.