Crazy Times! – Part 1

30th June 2020

‘An amazing act of kindness!’

We’ve all been through and are still going through some crazy times. As musicians, this will naturally be reflected in our music. Early on in lockdown I found myself composing a wild, mad, crazy piece of music to express the overwhelming emotions I was feeling and to mark this CRAZY time in our lives. The piece is based around saxophones and drums reflecting our lockdown situation (myself a saxophonist and my husband a drummer).

But, what to do with such a piece of music once it’s composed?

Recording a piece of music professionally costs money and this is where things can be really frustrating for musicians, especially at a time when there is no money coming in. It is very sad that many incredible pieces of music never come into being because musicians simply cannot afford to record them professionally.

But, sometimes fate kicks in and, in this case, an amazing act of kindness can resolve such a frustration! The piece of music then becomes even more special because it tells a ‘real’ story….

My belief in fate and my philosophy of ‘what will be will be’ has triumphed once again and something truly amazing and totally unexpected has happened enabling myself and husband Mike to work on this exciting music project just when we need it most. These really are crazy times indeed!

Today we start work on this project and the story will unfold as time goes by. Huge heartfelt thanks to all those people who are part of this story. Mike and I really cannot thank you enough.

More will be revealed in Part 2 of this crazy story together with an update on how the project is going…