‘Crazy Times’ Feature In The Cheltenham Post

8th November 2020

A lovely ‘Crazy Times’ feature in the first issue of The Cheltenham Post.

My thanks to Jo Betteridge for saying such wonderful things about the project:

“The carnivalesque production encapsulates the strength, vibrance and spirit of human connection in the face of adversity.”

“Against the colourful explosion of Cheltenham Paint Festival’s street art in the Honeybourne Line tunnels, Paul Healey’s Cheltenham Salsa Squad danced in to help the Cyphers and their fans create a vibrant fiesta atmosphere for the shoot.”

“The eclectic carnival vibe continued through Kim’s appropriately crazy outfit – a vibrant punk rock/Rio fusion by Cheltenham personal stylist Sarah Cross.”
“In the face of growing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and what future lockdown might mean for our communities, the unshakable Crazy Times community spirit lives on.”
My thanks as always to everyone involved in the project and especially to Leigh Tarrant of Skooch Media who filmed the video, bringing our colourful community vision to life.