BBC Points West TV

21st March 2020

In an attempt to continue some social contact for ourselves and for anyone on social media who may be feeling isolated during this coronavirus pandemic, myself and my husband Mike have started a daily live coffee and chat session at 11.00am each morning Monday – Friday on my Facebook profile page. They are basically just a ‘virtual’ gathering of people putting up with 45 mins of utter chaos and madness from myself and Mike! There are some ‘popular’ features including ‘What’s In The Box’, our ‘Loudspeaker Special Guest’ and, most popular of all…Mike’s 3 jokes of the day! We’re not sure if this is the most popular part of the session because his jokes are so good or so bad???

When we started these sessions a few days ago we had absolutely no idea how much of a stir they would create. Before we knew it, we had Dominic Cotter of BBC Radio Gloucestershire volunteering to be our first ‘Loudspeaker Special Guest’ and then totally unexpectedly, we had a message from Steve Knibbs of BBC Points West TV asking if he could drop by to film our session for the TV show! If only i’d put some make-up on! Anyway, you can catch the broadcast here:

If you would like to join us for these sessions you can do so by joining the ‘live’ video on my Facebook page every weekday at 11.00am. You can also view the videos after the session: