A time of contemplation

4th May 2020

Several years ago I composed a piece of music for our cousin Hayley. Over the years the piece of music developed and evolved into the version featured on my ‘Make Believe’ album (a piece for soprano saxophone in a time signature of 3/4). However, this is not how the piece originally started out.

Just recently, during these times of contemplation, I reflected on the piece in it’s original conception, a piece I wrote, performed and recorded on tenor saxophone and keyboard (with my very basic keyboard playing skills). Having been inspired by a recent composition by one of my all-time saxophone heroes and past tutor Andy Sheppard and whilst taking a walk in the countryside, it dawned on me that the original version of ‘Hayley’ would lend itself well to some mindful reflection and contemplation…so I combined the piece of music with my walk in the countryside.

Please take a few minutes out of your day to STOP and reflect. There is so much beauty, serenity and calmness out there.