Brighter Tomorrow – A Tribute to The Arts COMING SOON!

28th August 2022

I have never felt prouder to be a musician than I do right now. Choosing to work in The Arts is a labour of love and when creativity is in your heart and soul there really is no other path in life that will offer comparable fulfilment and reward. The sense of unity and the joy of connection and communication with an audience is a beautiful thing. So, when covid hit the world and took all of that away so suddenly and aggressively, it’s no wonder The Arts experienced an overwhelming sense of loss and sadness. Initial numbness and shock led to grief as our identity and purpose in life vanished…until…

…driven by creativity, passion, commitment, compassion, willpower and sheer determination, The Arts kicked back into action big-time with a united effort to remain true to the saying we live by – THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

Finding and adapting to new ways, creativity and performances continued, maintaining morale, keeping people connected, providing positive support and company for those feeling isolated and alone as well as channeling emotions into new creative projects. So many un-sung heroes dedicated and devoted to their work, a real sanctuary of positivity. It fills me with such joy.  

The pride I feel being part of such an amazing, caring community has led me to this project – ‘BRIGHTER TOMORROW’ – A Tribute to The Arts and a celebration of like-minded creatives. Here’s to you all…you are ALL amazing!”

A fabulous online magazine devoted to the project, published by Women in Jazz Media is coming soon! The magazine will feature my own creative outpouring in the form of new original music, a live video with one of the UK’s greatest jazz performers Liane Carroll filmed and recorded at London’s 606 Club, a series of tour dates across the UK plus a vast collection of work by musicians, venues, performers, artists and photographers in celebration of the amazing, creative people who contribute to a brighter tomorrow for The Arts. Join the online conversation using the hasthag #brightertomorrowforthearts